A national consumer website has ranked the Macon area near the top as one of the best places in the U.S. for women entrepreneurs.

The report, released just over a week ago by South Carolina-based GoodCall, LLC, ranks the Macon metro area No. 15 out of 383 U.S. cities for women entrepreneurs.

GoodCall, just over a year old, is a website that provides research and data to "help students and their families make the best decisions at critical moments - for college, careers and beyond," the site states.

"To determine the best places for women entrepreneurs in 2016, GoodCall evaluated 381 metropolitan statistical areas on the following 4 metrics and then assigned them an overall GoodCall Score," the report states. The four areas are: networking potential, business climate, educational values and economic health, according to the report.

The top five cities listed are Victoria, Texas; Bismarck, North Dakota; Monroe, Louisiana; Lorado, Texas; and Greeley, Colorado.

Savannah, at No. 9., is the only other Georgia city in GoodCall's top 100 for best places for women entrepreneurs.