A Macon woman was arrested Sunday after getting into a fight with another woman in her apartment complex.

An incident report says a deputy responded to an apartment in the Landings at North Ingle on N. Ingle Place.

He met with the bleeding victim who told him 22-year-old Regina Williams came to her apartment and started a fight.

The report says the victim said she received a message from Williams who told her to come outside. When she went outside, Williams accused her of messaging her baby’s father.

A fight then began outside and went into the victim’s apartment. The report says the victim said Williams tried to claw out her eyes with her nails before tasing her.

The deputy went to Williams’ apartment and she told them she went to ‘squash’ things and an argument happened. She alleged the victim got in her space and that’s when the fight broke out.

Because the victim’s 4-year-old son witnessed the fight, Williams was charged with child cruelty in addition to battery for fight.

She bonded out two and a half hours later.