Looks like we're in for another cold night. Rescue shelters in Macon say the winter-like cold front caught them by surprise, and they're in need of donations now.

Yvonne Thomas has an inside look of the supply rooms.

The supply room at the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia is nearly empty. “Anything that you would use to keep you warm, that's what we need,” said Jason Beck, Vice President of Programs at the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia. “Here lately, we've had questions about coats and blankets.”

But so far, this is all that's here -- just a few boxes of clothes, no blankets or jackets in sight. “We normally get those things by mid-November, but over the last few days or so. we've experienced some cold nights,” said Beck, which makes the need for warm blankets and coats even more crucial for the nearly fifty men, women, and children at the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia.

The shelves at the Salvation Army are starved. “We feed in our shelter and provide meals for around 600 people every day,”said Major Andrew Gilliam Executive Officer with the Salvation Army. “As you can see behind me, the shelves are very low.”

But the need is never-ending for the hundreds who seek safe shelter during the cold burst of winter. “When the weather breaks, we're in 24-hour mode when it gets very cold so that folks don't have to go back outside,” said Gilliam. “We were at capacity last night and we will be again tonight.”

Major Andrew Gilliam with the Salvation Army says there's no season for giving back to others, and they need your help to make a difference.

You can drop off donations at the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia or at the Salvation Army during regular business hours.