People in Macon’s Shirley Hills neighborhood are asking the county to help make their streets safer.

A Bibb County traffic engineer did a day speed study of the neighborhood in October and January and found cars going as fast as 95 mph.

Katie White lives off of Nottingham Drive and says she is concerned about the safety of her children.

“All it would take is for a driver not paying close enough attention, maybe looking down for a minute,” said White.

Just a thin strip of pavement is all that separates a road full of speeding cars and the space where White says her kids play at her house on Nottingham Drive.

“That’s scary,” said White.

Even a walk to check the mail leaves her nervous.

“Our mailbox is right next to the road and people won’t slow down at all,” said White.

That's a situation White's neighbor, Valerie Eichelberger, says she knows all too well.

“Literally knocked down by speeders into the bushes,” said Eichelberger.

The two women are a part of a group of neighbors working together to fix this problem.

A Bibb County traffic engineer did a three-day speed study on Nottingham Drive in October and found out that of the 15,000 vehicles that were on the road...12,000 of them exceeded the 35 mph speed limit with an average of speed of 50 mph.

The highest speed from the study exceeded 85 mph, and in January, the engineer did another study and found people going an average of 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Both Eichelberger and White say they think this is because people use Nottingham Drive as a cut through off of Gray Highway.

“I would like to see the speed limit reduced to 25,” said Eichelberger.

The neighbors say they want to see safety measures put in place to make people slow down.

“Get some speed calming devices in the neighborhood,” said White.

Bibb Commissioner Larry Schlesinger says there is a piece of legislation that will be introduced to a commission committee on March 14 that would lower the speed limit to 25 mph for a couple of streets in the neighborhood.

This would have to be approved by the committee and then the full commission before the speed limit could change.