Near Washington Park in Macon is where much of Tuesday morning's search for the double homicide suspect went on. The suspect was then caught around 9:30 Tuesday morning. It took less than two hours for authorities to track him down.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says around 8 a.m. Tuesday they got a call from a relative of Dennis Penix saying he was seen near High Street. The manhunt began and that put a lot of businesses nearby on edge.

"As soon as I got the alert I'd already told myself I wasn't leaving the office for lunch for sure because I didn't want to be in the wrong place at the right time or the wrong time,” says Summer Phillips.

A couple of women who work nearby say they saw the whole thing from their office.

"I looked out the window and saw the guy run and jump over the fence. I mean, it startled me a little bit, but then my boss came in and he said, 'Y'all stay inside,'” says Brandi Wilkes.

One woman says the unexpected drop after Penix jumped the fence helped authorities catch him.

"Within seconds, I looked out my window after people were running to my coworker’s window. There were SWAT teams, the K9 teams, and then we saw him jump the fence, the little did he know it was about a 6-foot drop,” says Phillips.

Over on High Street where the search was going on earlier in the day, a painter working on a home says he was alarmed to see deputies everywhere.

"I'm just shocked, you know, about the situation going on around here and around my work environment. I thought this was the good part of town,” says Monteris Jackson.

But after the brief search for Penix, people said they were proud of their community.

"I mean, you saw people out here that weren't even in uniform. I mean, you could tell they weren't even on the clock, maybe just getting to work. It was awesome how everyone pulled together and got the job done,” says Phillips.

Many said they never doubted that together they would catch him. The suspect, Penix, has been charged with two counts of malice murder in Pulaski County.

The GBI says this investigation is still continuing and anybody with information on the case can call their Eastman office at 478-374-6988.