In the past two years, there have already been seven pedestrian accidents on Pio Nono since January 2015, six of those being fatal.

We took a closer look at why so many pedestrians are hit by cars on Macon's Pio Nono Avenue.

Calvin Cummings says he's always cautious when crossing Pio Nono Avenue on foot.

"I know how dangerous it is and I watch both ways. If I get a clearing, good. If I don't, I just run across," he says.

Residents say that there are only two options if you want to cross the street on foot: you can either make that leap of faith and try to cross the busy street, or you have the option of walking almost a mile in either direction to get to a stoplight in order to cross legally.

However, that's still taking a risk, because there's no sidewalk for pedestrians to walk on.

Mike Maghaireh, is the manager of Shark's Fish and Chicken restaurant on Pio Nono, and says with no sidewalk, he often watches people nervously walk down the street.

"When they walk two or three steps, they look at their back like this, back and forth, back and forth," says Maghaireh.

He says the solution is simple.

"They have to have a defined place where the pedestrians can cross from one side to the other, or otherwise it will be endangering their lives," Maghaireh says.

He says having crosswalks every quarter mile will fix the problem.

Right now, he watches people try to guess when it's safe to cross, and poor judgment could be deadly.

"It takes them about 15 minutes or so to cross from one side to the middle island of the street to be able to cross again to the other side takes another 10 to 15 minutes," Maghaireh says.

Singh Malkit is one of them. He says he has no other source of transportation, so running across is his only option.

"All the time I'm scared here. It's very dangerous. You know? We cross too fast here, you know. I'm crossing all the time, I'm nervous," Malkit says.

Residents say they would love to see sidewalks and crosswalks installed as quickly as possible before another life is taken.