This Sunday in Roberta, Highway 341 would normally be lined with cars and filled with thousands of people for "Camp Meeting."

“Most of the time, we’d be having fun, dancing, singing, laughing and chilling with the crowd,” Antoinette Knolton said.

It started as a church homecoming, and over the years, it's grown into a street party on Highway 341. This year, Knolton and others won’t get to enjoy the festivities. That because of a city ordinance passed last fall. It requires permits for mass gatherings like "Camp Meeting."

None of that was done for this year, therefore camp meeting isn’t sanctioned. Police Chief Ty Matthews says they won’t be turning a blind eye to those who try and gather.

“We've heard that some people might be upset that some people may come to town and cause a little bit of a problem,” Matthews said. “What they need to realize is that something like that might scar the event and it may never be allowed to happen again. We don’t want to see that.”

Matthews says they want the event to come back but needs to be done in a safe and organized manner, but some who've lived in town their whole life aren’t that optimistic

“When things get canceled down here in Roberta, it’s hard to get them back,” Kenda Fagin said.