We're in the middle of National Women's History Month, where trailblazing women are celebrated all over the country. Friday, Robins Air Force Base honored several "SHEroes" in the Armed Forces. Yvonne Thomas sat in on their Women's Empowerment Breakfast and Panel.

“So the national theme for Women's History Month is honoring trailblazing women in business in labor and business,” said Sgt. La’Kisha Tucker. Robins Air Force Base is honoring five active military and civilian women. Some call them local SHEroes who are striving to make a difference. “They are leaders in the military,” said Sgt. Tucker.

These women are chiefs, colonels, and commanders, the head of several departments at Robins. “You have to hold your own,” said Chief Michelle Thomas. “You have to respect yourself, and most importantly, you have to do things that people would be proud of,” said Chief Thomas.

They spoke about how far the military has come, and how some of them deal with gender inequality. ”I usually would take that person out to the back parking lot. That's what you do,” said Chief Thomas.

But mainly these SHEroes encouraged other military women to be their best and not let anything stand in their way. “I have enjoyed my career. I've enjoyed wearing this uniform and nobody is taking that away from me,” said Chief Thomas. “As long as you accept responsibility and you do what's right, you will go as far as you ever imagined going.”

According to the Air Force Personnel Center website, more than 300,000 people are active duty military, but only about 60,000 or them are women.