Before newly enlisted airmen can get to work at Robins Air Force Base, they first have to go back to school.

The First Term Airman Center is a week-long course required for airman at every Air Force base around the globe.

"It was a lot of in-processing and then we did some trash pick up," says Master Sergeant Justin McFall. He went through the course more than 20 years ago and now helps teach it.

He says over the last few years, the Air Force has changes the course to focus less on the paperwork and more on its people.

"The human capital is the most important capital in any organization and the Air Force is no different," says Msgt. McFall. "We're creating not just better airmen, but better people."

Airman First Class Patrick Cox says he feels much more prepared to start his career after the crash course on things like military programs, resiliency, and personal finances. He says gaining new friends is a bonus to the course.

"Sometimes finding new friends every time you go somewhere can be hard," he says. "This brings a group of people who are all brand new to the base together and gets them to where you have a support group."

McFall says the goal of the course is to give new airmen these tools early on in their careers to help them move up the ranks and become successful leaders in the military and in life.