Robins Air Force Base requires a wide variety of jobs to support its mission, and members of the Human Resources team hope to hire people just as diverse to fill those positions.

"I think everyone deserves the opportunity to apply," said Stacey Hale.

That's why she's working to promote Schedule A Hiring, which gives people with mental, physical, and psychological disabilities eligibility for federal and civilian jobs.

"Some people call it a handicap, but I say it's an advantage," said Hale. "It all depends on where you sit and how you look at it."

Kimberley Barbee is also a member of the Robins Human Resources team and says even college students have a chance to get career experience on the base, despite their disabilities.

Through the Workforce Recruitment Program run by the Department of Labor, students can get internships at Robins in a variety of fields.

"We see a lot in contracting," says Barbee. "We've had chemists before and logistics."

Robins did not have any interns through the program this summer, but Barbee says she's hopeful more students will learn about and take advantage of the opportunity in the future.

"They feel like they are essential to the mission, they meet new friends, they broaden their skills with the type of work they're doing, and just feel like they belong," says Barbee.

She says recruiting for next summer will begin during the fall. Students can contact their counselors for more information beforehand.