Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones says 11 pedestrians died this year in Macon, and a safety group known as the Pedestrian Fatality Review Board wants to lower that number.

On Tuesday, they took a trip to a few areas where those people were killed.

Chairman of the board Michael Ryan says Macon needs sidewalks.

“We're familiarizing ourselves with a physical location of a recent pedestrian accident which is right over there, where those orange marks in the road are,” said Ryan.

Planning and Zoning says only 13 percent of the roads in the county have a sidewalk on one or both sides.

The group has gathered information and created ideas over the past year looking into what can be fixed along each road.

“If a pedestrian doesn't have an option of actually using the sidewalk or a crosswalk, then he is more likely to put himself or herself in harm’s way,” said Ryan.

For some roads, it's sidewalks, for others it’s lighting, crosswalks and speed.

Jones said that the numbers of pedestrian deaths need to be decreased.

“It's a busy street and I know that, but the average speed is 55 mph that don't make any sense,” said Jones.

At their third stop on Montpelier Avenue, traffic engineer Nigel Floyd hoped that with the new SPLOST, they can act on these ideas.

“Flashing lights…so when a pedestrian comes up and the lights flash indicating that somebody is trying to cross,” said Floyd. “We're going to put in pedestrian refuge islands, which are five foot islands that are in the center of the road.”

Commissioner Elaine Lucas says they don't know when they'll act on these ideas, because it is an ongoing process, but she mentioned that starting on January 6, they plan to start an educational process which includes bus wraps, billboards, and even people handing out pamphlets about pedestrian safety.