There are a lot more folks on the road than usual because of Hurricane Matthew.

Wardin Persing is taking his kids on a weekend getaway. “They want to go sightseeing,” said Persing. “They want to see the waterfalls and the mountains.”

Wardin said he's on his way to Dahlonega, Georgia. With more traffic on the road, he said he has to stay focused to get there safely. “I have to keep my eyes on the road,” said Persing. “Stay the speed limit and keep the phone down in the pocket.”

Wardin isn't the only person traveling. Thousands are making their way through Central Georgia to escape Hurricane Matthew. “Tons of people... tons of people,” said State Patrol Trooper Glenn Altman. “All four lanes going westbound, bumper to bumper.”

Georgia State Patrol troopers say they're working around the clock, some troopers even working more than twelve hours a day. “We're keeping food and cases of water,” said Altman. “Because we're not sure how long we're going to be without food or water or when we'll get another break.”

Georgia State Patrol Troopers say it’s important that people stay safe on the road. “Make sure your tires are good,” said Altman. “If you have alternative route you can get out of traffic that then that makes it that much better.”

Another tip state troopers said is to make sure you have gas. Corporal Michael Screws said it's also a good idea to keep snacks and water in your car, just in case the drive is longer than you planned.