As people prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, we want to make sure you're doing it safely.

Freedom Fireworks in Warner Robins says they get 80 percent of their business for the year around the July 4th holiday, so they want to remind people about safety so when the bombs burst in air, your family and friends are still safely there.

This is Presbitero Echevarria's second year buying fireworks to celebrate the holiday with his family.

“I enjoy doing it for the kids and basically just understanding what the Fourth of July is about!” Echevarria told WMAZ outside Freedom Fireworks.

But, he knows with two kids in the house he has to be careful.

“The safety is important, you know, you don't want them to get burned or hurt anybody else or catch anything on fire,” Echevarria added they’ve never had an accident.

USA Today says Americans will use 285 million pounds of fireworks around the beginning of July. With all those bombs bursting, you want to make sure you're safe.

“I do want my customers to at least have a basic respect for the fireworks. Ultimately, they will catch fire or explode if they're not handled properly,” Nicholas Arnett, an employee at Freedom Fireworks, said.

That's why he gave us a few safety tips:

- Water the ground you'll be using to shoot the fireworks and have water nearby.

- Never hover around fireworks after lighting them, move back to a safe distance of about 10 feet, or whatever the instructions recommend.

- After you're done, spray done the debris or submerge in water so nothing reignites.

- And never throw them away inside the home or in a trashcan near the house.

“Now what we also like to do with some of our cakes and especially our mortars, with them being as powerful as they are, if you have maybe 2 blocks or anything of substantial weight, we prefer blocks of course not flammable, just kind of wedge them in so they don't run the risk of tipping or anything like that,” he added.

Arnett also said make sure you know what direction your fireworks shoot in case they hit trees above, or people standing nearby.

For sparklers, Arnett said to make sure they have a long stem and make sure children not to grab the parts that burn.

Lastly, keep an eye on curious kids in case they try to get too close to fireworks on the ground or that shoot into the air.

Freedom Fireworks off Watson Boulevard will be open on July 4, starting at 8:00a.m.