It's been less than two weeks since the search for Perry teen Sam Poss came to a tragic end when his body was found in woods off of Lake Joy Road in Houston County.

Perry Police charged Dakota White and Brandon Warren with his murder.

Our Madison Cavalchire sat down with Sam’s father Christian for the first time since finding out what happened to his son.

Christian Poss says he'll never forget the devastating news he received when Perry Police called him around 3 a.m. on October 20.

“Pretty much since that Sunday when I knew he was missing; I knew he wasn't coming back. I felt that,” said Poss.

Poss says he knew in his heart that something bad happened, but what police told him he didn't see coming.

“I think the betrayal is the hardest part and knowing that someone used his own goodness against him…I mean that's what pure evil looks like,” said Poss.

Betrayal from someone that Sam considered a friend.

Even though Dakota White was reportedly the last person to see his son, Poss says he never expected a friend would be charged with Sam's murder.

He also says he had never heard of Brandon Warren.

“The thing to fear most is the rage of a quiet man, and I'm normally a quiet man,” said Poss.

Christian says he's felt rage, sadness, and shock since his son's death.

But what he feels more than anything now is sorrow that he couldn't protect his Sam.

“From what I understand -- I'm glad it was quick. I'm glad there wasn't any pain and I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you,” said Poss. “I couldn't have been, and I don't blame myself, but I'm just sorry because it's my job as a dad to protect you, and I just couldn't do it.”

Christian says he hopes people remember his son as the kind, smart, and funny man that he was.

He says the family is working on a scholarship fund that will go to a senior in the Perry High School band who is a percussionist...just like Sam was.