This is a column of opinion and analysis by 13WMAZ's Randall Savage.

Few things trigger more football banter in the 13WMAZ newsroom than the annual clash between the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators.

Since WMAZ' is located in the center of Georgia, rational people would easily deduce that the overwhelming majority of the football crowd would favor the Dawgs.

Most times that's true. But sometimes the newsroom becomes infested with University of Florida graduates. they're loyal dunces who strut around doing that silly Gator clap. The University of Georgia faithful prefer the enlightened chant of Woof, Woof, Woof, Go Dawgs."

A few years ago, there were three Gator Girls in the newsroom. They sat in a row that became known as Gator Alley. It was enough to gag a maggot.

There was Candace Adorka, who ashamedly told about the time she interviewed Chris Leak. She was conducting an on-campus survey and bragged of her findings when she returned to the newsroom.

"You interviewed Chris Leak?" said the producer.

The producer was thrilled because a journalism student had gotten an interview with the quarterback who lead the Gators to a national championship in 2006.

But Candace didn't know Leak or his pedigree. She'd talk to him about the cafeteria menu, never once mentioning football.

Suzanne Lawler was one of the three Gator Girls. Like the other two, Suzanne loves to rehash Gator glories, especially those against the Dawgs. She proudly displays a goofy-looking Gator head in her work area.

Then there was Stephanie Susskind, a Florida graduate who worked at WMAZ during Tim Tebow's rampage through the Swamp. Stephanie and I had an annual bet on the Florida/Georgia game, the loser buys lunch at the Firehouse.

Unfortunately, Stephanie enjoyed too many lunches at my expense. She gloated like a politician and champed her food like a starving piglet.

Candace and Stephanie have returned to Florida. The obnoxious Gator Alley doesn't exist in the WMAZ newsroom any longer. Overall, the newsroom is now blessed with Dawgs. But another Gator has slithered into our midst. He's a sports guy named Jonathon Perez.

Jonathon, like Stephanie and the other Gator gawkers, are thrilled with the swamp creatures this season. They're thinking that Georgia, humbled with its 4-3 record and recent loss to Vanderbilt, will be easy picking when the two SEC east rivals meet in Jacksonville October 29.

I don't think so.

Coach Kirby Smart has two weeks to whip the Dawgs into a Gator-bashing mode. A victory will shock the football nation almost as much as the Vanderbilt loss.

I'm so confident of a Georgia victory that I'm offering the newsroom's Gator duo a deal.

If Florida wins, I'll put one of those goofy-looking Gator heads on my desk and keep it there until the day after the college national championship game.

If Georgia wins, Jonathon and Suzanne will display Dawgs on their desks until the day after the college national championship game.

That's the deal. I'm looking forward to seeing if Jonathon and Suzanne are Gator enough to accept the challenge.

Go Dawgs.

Randall Savage is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and host of 13WMAZ's "Close Up" talk show which airs Saturdays at noon and 6 a.m. Sundays. Follow him on Twitter at @RandallWMAZ.