So what do Colin Kaepernick and Harvey Weinstein have in common?

They both triggered a rash of partisan reactions from Democrats and Republicans who attribute the perceived misdeeds of Kaepernick and Weinstein as products of their misguided political persuasions.

Kaepernick, a now out-of-work professional football player, kicked things off last year when he decided to kneel during the pre-game playing of the National Anthem. Kaepernick said he was doing it to protest alleged police brutality against African Americans.

His gesture grew throughout the season as more and more National Football League (NFL) players took knees during the anthem. The protest spilled over into this year's games and attracted the attention of President Donald J. Trump.

Trump, displaying what some have called displaced aggression to draw attention away from the alleged police brutality protest, attacked the protesting NFL players by accusing them of participating in un-American activities and calling them SOBs.

Democrats, along with a handful of Republicans, sided with the NFL players. They stressed the players constitutional rights to conduct peaceful protest in a manner of their choosing. Republicans, along with a handful of Democrats, sided with the president.

They called the protesting players a bunch of unpatriotic millionaires who were disrespecting their country and their flag.

Trump even dispatched Vice President Mike Pence to an NFL game last weekend and instructed Pence to stand with his hand over his heart when the National Anthem was played. Trump also instructed Pence to leave the stadium in protest of the protesters when the anthem was finished.

With the NFL feud still brewing, sexual harassment accusations against famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein took center stage in national news cycles and late-night talk shows. Actresses and want-to-be actresses came forward accusing Weinstein of unwanted sexual conduct ranging from striping in front of them and pressuring them into sexual relations with him. If they refused, Weinstein allegedly damaged their careers.

Republican pundits jumped all over it.

Weinstein often hobnobbed with Democratic candidates and supported their campaigns. Those Democrats include former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton, last year's Democratic presidential nominee, was also pictured with Weinstein.

During his presidency, Clinton had a highly publicized sexual encounter with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He was also linked to several other extra-marital affairs. Republicans displayed pictures of Bill and Hillary Clinton at functions with Weinstein.

That, the GOP operatives insinuated, underscored that Democratic philanderers can't control their sexual appetites and that they band together.

The Weinstein story is expected to continue unfolding. The NFL players are expected to continue kneeling.

The President is expected to continue his rant against the NFL kneelers, and Democrats and Republicans are expected to continue politicizing all those things.