Walking inside the Scare Room on Poplar Street, you don’t know what to expect.

“Is that someone breathing down the back of your neck?” co-owner Brandan Wormsbacher said. “Is that actually spider webs that you’re walking through, more than just someone popping out and scaring you?”

He says trying to navigate the dark passages inside downtown Macon’s first haunted house since 2008 can be a challenge. Spooky things drop from the ceiling and other things catch you off guard.

“When something reaches out and touches your arm, or swings out in front of you, yeah, you jump,” Larmia Robbins said.

She trekked through the Scare Room and says she's thankful she made it out. While insid,e you might face your biggest fear.

“I don’t want to give away all the treats they have in store for you, but the thing that scared me were some big spiders,” Robbins said. “You don’t expect them, but they come and get you.”

While screams and shrills may be fun, Wormsbacher says the high school actors inside are using the scare tactics as a chance to grow. They are all volunteers from Central High School and Howard High School.

“We’re helping them cultivate their craft as far as acting goes,” Wormsbacher

Robbins says it’s working.

“I was truly scared. I liked it a lot. I think I’m losing my voice,” Robbins said.

Wormsbacher says they plan to donate a portion of their profits from the Scare Room to the drama programs at Central and Howard.