Bibb County plans to spend millions more on Macon's Second Street connector, making it a $13 million project. This is a county project that is working to create one road that will go from Mercer's campus to downtown.

Crossing the Second Street bridge is something Loran Anderson says he does all the time.

“It was an easy way to commute back and forth between downtown and going to the south side of Macon,” says Anderson.

Even though right now he can only cross by bike, Anderson says it is impossible to forget what it was like to cross on a bus.

“It's almost like a roller coaster when you go over it. It’s like you pop up in the air and then come flying down,” says Anderson.

Anderson says he is glad to see they are fixing the bridge because he says something needs to change.

“The bridge has been falling apart with holes in it where you could see right through it. It’s been decaying rapidly,” says Anderson.

SPLOST coordinator Clay Murphey says he agrees.

“They flew across this thing and the bridge is in really bad shape,” says Murphey.

Murphey says they have worked to fix other parts of Second Street to help connect Mercer's campus to downtown. Now he says it is time to fix the bridge.

“There’s a lot utility work before we can put the bridge in,” says Murphey.

Murphey says they also have to make the bridge higher for taller trains to go under, so he says they are asking the county for almost $5 million to complete the bridge.

“The intent is to provide something through town that’s pedestrian and bicycle friendly from I-75 to I-16,” says Murphey, which Anderson says could be helpful when getting around town.

“It'll make it more convenient for people to get past,” says Anderson.

If the county gives final approval on September 5th, Murphey says they hope to have the second street bridge complete in 10 months.