People can now check out books and have access to computers on Sunday thanks to three Middle Georgia Regional Libraries that will now be open six days a week.

The Middle Georgia Regional Library director Jennifer Lautzenheiser says the three locations are the Shurlington, Riverside and Landford branches.

Lautzenheiser says they wanted to provide people with access to the resources at the library before the school and work week started. She says they saw a great need for this from the community.

“On Sundays, that is the time that the children remember that they have a project due on Monday, or that they don’t already have practice scheduled and they start pulling that homework out to look at the week ahead and need to come to the library...need access to those services,” said Lautzenheiser.

Lautzenheiser says the locations will be open from 1-5 p..m every Sunday. She says they are still closed on Saturdays, with the exception of the Washington Memorial Library.