According to, in 2013, there are about three sets of twins for every 100 births in the United States.

Identical twins are much rarer - about five for every 1,000 births.

Rutland High School in Macon has seven sets of twins among its 200 graduates in its class of 2017.

PHOTOS: Rutland High's Class of 2017 twins

High school is the place where you get to find your identity, but having someone who looks just like you can make that a little difficult.

"They mix us up a lot," says Jeremy Moore. "Oh yea sometimes people just like when they think of us they don't think of us individually they think of us together yea those are the Moore boys yeah the twins," says Jamicah Moore.

Jamicah and Jeremy Moore

But it's not just the Moore brothers that have this problem at Rutland High School, there are seven sets of twins.

Seeing them all in the same class was like seeing double, but the Moore brothers say even at home things can get a little confusing.

"It's like Jer..Ja..Jer..Ja who ever you are just come over here," the brothers laugh.

The brothers say even though they aren't identical, they were hard to tell apart at a young age and it didn't help that their parents dressed them to match.

"Like identical everything they just wanted to promote (Jamicah: We have twins) they're doing the same things," Jeremy says.

Wanting to put their likeness to the test.

"So one day we decided to switch spots ever since then we just haven't been in the same class (Jamicah: Coincidentally) So we haven't been able to do that anymore," Jeremy says.

The brothers say they meet a lot of people who have misconceptions about twins.

"I think the biggest one is they feel like we can read each others minds like all the time when really we can't at all," Jeremy says.

But they do have the same mannerisms, and even finish each others sentences.

The Moore brothers say the are blessed to have grown up with their best friend, and say they wouldn't change being a twin for anything.

"If someone took my twin away from me I'd have like this hole like missing in my heart or something like that like he has a special place in my heart," Jeremy says.

The Moore brothers will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design together.

All of the twins say they look forward to walking across the stage with each other on May 27th at the Macon Centreplex.

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