Some in Hawkinsville are coping with the second day of a water problem.

Tuesday morning, a water main broke at the corner of Broad Street and Anderson Road. By 3 p.m. Tuesday, the break itself had been fixed, but it left parts of the city, including the high school and middle school, under a boil water advisory.

City Manager Tim Young said authorities sent water samples to a state Environmental Protection Division-certified lab to find out if it was clean enough to drink.

He says it's likely the results he gets back on Wednesday will show the water is safe to drink.

The Pulaski School District decided to keep the Hawkinsville High School and Pulaski Middle School open and make do with that's available. Even though the pipe was fixed Tuesday afternoon, the schools had no clean water Wednesday.

District Director of Operations David Daniell said students were provided bottled water and temporary hand washing stations were installed in the bathrooms.

At least one parent says that wasn't good enough. Calvina Wilcox says she's frustrated the school district never notified her that there was a water problem at the schools.

"I feel like, give us an option," said Wilcox. "You know, if you contact the parents and let them know what's going on, even if you do not dismiss school early, let parents have the choice to come pick their child up. If they want their child to stay in that environment, then they can. If they don't, then they can pick the child up."

Pulaski School District Superintendent Al Pollard said the district didn't utilize its mobile app, Facebook page, website or automated phone message system to alert parents because alternative bathrooms near the softball field were available and a health inspector approved the continued use of the school. He added that "student needs were met as usual."