Rain continued pouring in South Bibb after Monday's afternoon storms knocked over about a dozen oak trees at a property off McArrell Drive. 

Connie Currie says she and her husband, Bill, were inside their home watching WMAZ's severe storm coverage when they took cover in an interior hallway of their home. Just moments later, a tree came crashing through their bedroom wall. 

But their bedroom wasn't the only thing damaged.

Another oak tree fell onto a carport in their backyard, crushing a truck and a tractor.

Another onto the roof above their kitchen, and another destroying a trailer on their property. 

Downed power lines also added to the mess. 

Monday afternoon, representatives from Georgia Power and the Red Cross did come out to the Currie's home to survey the damage and patch up what they could for the evening. 

A neighbor filmed a video of the ominous-looking clouds just moments before the storm blew over all the trees on the Curries' property, damaging this home for the foreseeable future. 

Currie says the most important thing is that no one was hurt.