Dozens marched through downtown Macon on a mission to raise awareness for sexual assault.

“I was molested from the age of 4 to 9 by somebody very close to me somebody that I was supposed to trust and love,” Anna Nicole said.

Their destination was Washington Square Park, for a evening of empowerment and taking back the night.

“I still fight day by day with my past,” Anna Nicole said.

She is just one of several women who shared their story of survival. Many of rape, molestation, and abuse.
Dottie Stafford with Crisis Line & Safe House helped organize the event.
She says it’s important for people to have the opportunity to share.

“Many times people don’t feel safe coming out and telling what has happened to them,” Stafford said. “In this environment they're able to come forward and say this is my truth, this is my life, this is what happened to me, and I don’t want to stay silent anymore.”

She says events like these show women they're not alone.

“There are people out there who can provide support and who can help and we had a great example with the crowd here,” Stafford said.

That’s exactly why Anna Nicole chose to share, in hopes of helping others overcome their struggles.

“No one deserves to be stuck in silence everyone deserves a voice,” Stafford said.