With evacuees trying to get out of the path of the storm, hotels and shelters have quickly filled up here in Central Georgia.

The City of Dublin and American Red Cross teamed up to open two more shelters.

Saturday morning, Patricia Stevenson and 10 members of her family decided it was time to leave Brunswick and evacuate.

“And, when I noticed all of the water that I'm surrounded [by], I was like ok I need to follow my mind and go find safety,” Stevenson said.

But, leaving home wasn't easy. Stevenson is afraid that Irma will destroy everything she left behind.

“I was like, I wonder if we’re going to have a home to go home to, but I just thank God for my life, so that is replaceable but my life isn't,” she said.

Stevenson says this is her first evacuation., and she is thankful Dublin High School has opened its doors as a shelter.

“I mean, they had everything for us right away; perfect attitudes, I mean they showed us so much love. So, I'm glad I'm here I really am,” she said with gratitude.

Dublin High School is currently holding 100 evacuees, but has the capacity to hold up to 400 more people.

The school is giving out cots, food, and even a comfort kit to help evacuees feel at home.

The American Red Cross has even opened a second shelter at East Laurens High School.

It is really important because they need to know there's a place they can trust a place where they'll be safe, because we will be here until our last client is able to return to their home,” Stevenson said.

American Red Cross says they have room for 1,500 people total at their shelters in Laurens County.

If you're looking for a shelter, go to the Civitan Fairgrounds on Georgia Highway 252 in Dublin.

From there, they will send you out to the best shelter location for your needs.