Bibb County Sheriff, David Davis, says two deputies acted appropriately at a church brawl.

On Monday night some members of the congregation at Greater Bellevue Baptist Church in Macon got into a fight during a meeting.

They were discussing whether they would keep or void the contract of their current pastor, Reverend David Stephens.

According to Sheriff Davis, the church hired the deputies because there have been ongoing tensions in the congregation over Reverend Stephens.

In the video, you can see at least two Bibb deputies in the room, but it appears they didn't do much to stop people from hitting and bashing each other. They also didn't make any arrests.

Davis says they acted properly, and that the deputies' main job was to maintain order and to make sure that the disturbance ended as quickly as possible.

"If it looks like there was severe fighting going on, the deputies have the means to intervene, but in this sort of situation, you had multiple groups with several combatants taking part in the fisticuffs. The best things the deputies can do in a situation like that is call for back up, use their voices, I think they blew their whistles, all to maintain order," says Davis.

Davis says this is not the first time that deputies have been sent out here to Greater Bellevue Baptist Church, but this is the first time a fight has broken out.

According to the incident report, no severe injuries have been reported.

"The reasons that no arrests were made is because in a situation like this, you have multiple combatants. The criminal charge that would cover this would be an "affray," where everybody goes to jail, but does that serve the larger purpose of what the church is about? Does that serve the larger purpose of what we were there do?" says Davis.

Davis says the deputies ultimately are the ones who got everyone to leave the church after the brawl.

WMAZ has been trying to get in touch with Greater Bellevue and Reverend Stephens since Tuesday afternoon and we have not received a response.