A Putnam county man arrested for selling tickets to the UGA- Notre Dame football game without a license could face more charges if he doesn't refund fans their money.

The Dawgs took on Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana for the first time in program's history, and fans were shelling out big bucks to land a ticket.

Many turned to a website called AllSportsTickets.net, the problem there, after they paid many never got their tickets. The site is run by Ticket broker Jeff Cook in Putnam County. Sheriff Howard Sills arrested him Friday after Cook allegedly sold more tickets than he had available.

“He contends, his whole defense is he didn’t get the tickets himself until late or didn’t get them,” Sills said.

The sheriff's office opened an investigation after more than 30 people complained about not getting the tickets they ordered. Cook is charged with selling sports tickets without a license and advertising sports tickets for sale without posting a license number on his advertisements, both are misdemeanors.

Sills says if Cook doesn’t refund fan's money, more charges could come.

“Multiple counts of theft by taking if it’s over 1500 dollars obviously its a felony,” Sills said. “If its more than two he very well may be charged with racketeering, but I stress we don’t know that yet.”

Sills has this advice for those looking to buy tickets to future games.

“You need to make sure that individual you’re buying tickets from has a license for the Secretary of State’s office, I think that would be the most prudent thing for a person to do, or buy them from reputable resellers,” Sills said.