Two sisters of slain Georgia corrections officer Curtis Billue talked to the media Wednesday morning after a hearing for the men accused of killing their brother last week.

"When this took place, I immediately forgave them, but forgiveness does not excuse their behavior," Denise Billue said standing on the steps of the Putnam County Courthouse. "At this point, all we want is justice served."

Courtesy of GDOC

She addressed the media with her sister Carole Billue following the bond hearings for Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe. The men are accused of killing corrections officers Curtis Billue and Christopher Monica while escaping from a prison bus June 13.

"I want everyone to know my brother was a wonderful man," Denise Billue said. "He was one who worked very hard at his job and at home. He was an honorable man. He helped people, he cared about people. He did that on and off the job. He was a wonderful son."

Denise Billue said her brother's death has been particularly hard on her 94-year-old father, who visited a doctor Monday as a precaution.

"Dad has been affected by this the most," she said.

"The memory I will always have is how he always took care of our father," Carole Billue said. "I will always remember him as being my hero."

Prosecutors said they expect to seek the death penalty against Dubose and Rowe. The judge denied them bond.