Like many six-year-olds, Nation Chapman loves action figures and super heroes' stories, but he turned his love for good guy versus bad guy adventures into a story of his own, except his story doesn't mention evil villains like the Joker or The Riddler. It tackles a real life issue, bullying. Yvonne Thomas has more.

Six-year-old Nation Chapman loves playing with legos and action figures. “I don't have a favorite super hero yet. I mainly like all the superheroes,” said Nation Chapman.

But his favorite hero storyline is one that he thought of on his own. “He loves going to the movies and he mentioned Popcorn vs. Nacho, and it was like a light bulb just went off in me and I was like, 'Hey! You need to give some attention to this idea,” said Duane Chapman, Nation’s father.

And in a flash, Nation put his adventure plan into action. “It took a couple of months for us to write it and get our thoughts together,” said Duane Chapman.

But it's not a book about a villain, it's a book about bullying. “There's a character named David who goes to the movie theater with his parents and a piece of popcorn falls into the nacho bowl,” said Duane Chapman. “The giant Nacho wasn't nice to anyone. He shouted at the popcorn, "Hey, Fluffy Popcorn, get out of my bowl! You don't belong here," said Nation Chapman, a scenario that Nation says happened to him one day in school. “Kids pushed me down off the slide..." How did that make you feel? "Sad,” said Nation Chapman, so he wrote this book to let other kids know that it's OK to be different. “I mean, to be able to accept people how they are regardless of their faults and who they are. I should be able to love you and you should be able to love me,” said Duane Chapman.

Because in the end, the good guys win. Nation says when he grows up he wants to be a cop or an FBI Agent.

His book is on sale at Amazon.