The news about the Amazon project coming to town has a lot of people brushing up their resumes.

Right now, the company is a long way from hiring folks for the Macon location, but Gabrielle Dawkins got some advice on how job hunters can get a head start.

“We definitely need jobs. I can't just say for myself, but for a lot of people," says Johnson.

32-year-old Alexander Johnson has a job but comes to the Georgia Department of Labor looking for new opportunities.

"Something with a good salary range. Something that I can provide for myself family, maybe help out here and there," says Johnson.

He says that the department has helped him.

"Jobs, resumes, and helping you find any any local jobs that fatherhood programs top step," says Johnson.

Aundrea Simmons, a regional coordinator for the Georgia Department of Labor says there's more than 3,400 people currently unemployed in Macon and she says large employers like Amazon are looking for reliable workers.

"Employers are definitely looking for great soft skills in individuals, so someone with a great attitude that shows up to work on time, that's a true team player will be an awesome candidate for a company like Amazon,” says Simmons

She believes that these jobs will help boost morale in the community, but most importantly, she wants people to be ready when applications open.

“Several of our career centers actually offer different job search workshops like resume writing, job interviewing. We also encourage individuals to really work on their resume have it current,” says Simmons.

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