The dress code at downtown Macon's Crazy Bull bar has some upset.

"Especially like do-rags and jerseys. Most of the time, you see black people wearing do-rags and jerseys and stuff," said Macon resident Natori King.

But King says she's more concerned with what the dress code sign used to say.

In a picture that has been circulating online, the sign states that brands featuring the labels FUBU, Southpole, and G-Unit are banned from the bar.

Now, it appears the section's been painted over.

"It's pertaining to a certain race," said King.

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The Crazy Bull couldn't be reached for comment, but we reached out to other downtown bars to find out if dress codes are common practice.

"A dress code is supposed to set the tone for the type of bar or type of establishment that you have. In some cases, people use a dress code to weed out who they want to come into the bar or what type of character they want to come into the bar," said Mattera Drafts.

Drafts owns Recess Bar and Lounge, and says nowadays, dress codes are common, but until now, she had never seen one that bans specific brands.

"Here at Recess, we have a loose dress code, and what we do, it's not what you wear, but it's how you wear it," Drafts said.

Drafts says those wearing saggy or baggy clothes won't be let inside.

She says that's to keep the atmosphere appropriate. Kirkland Dent says he sees why people are upset over Crazy Bull's dress code.

"However, the fact that they have the right to portray that rule and that type of dress code, you can't just go up there and shout and yell about and so forth," said Dent.

13WMAZ could not reach the Crazy Bull for comment Monday.

The section in their dress code about specific brands has been painted over.