The National Weather Service says Treutlen County has a 20 to 30 percent chance of feeling tropical storm force winds due to Irma.

Treutlen County EMA Director, Sergeant Sid Love says that the county is in the early stages of preparations.

The Fire Department is getting their equipment ready and employees are gassing up city vehicles. He also had suggestions for everyone waiting on the storm.

"We suggest that everybody keep at least a 3 day water supply, a three day food supply of non perishables, and anyone that is on medication to keep at least a week supply of their medication, says Love. "That way if we do have power outages everybody should be good for at least 72 hours."

Curtis Dunn is a Soperton Native and says that when the heat kicks in, he pays attention to what's stirring up in the Atlantic ocean.

"I keep an eye on the weather all along and especially during Tropical season," says Dunn.

He's preparing just like any storm in the past by buying water and food and doing a little yard work.

"I am also preparing by trimming limbs," said Dunn. "I live around a lot of trees so I'm going to trim the limbs around the house so if the wind get's real bad-- it will not--trees will not be falling on my house."

On Wednesday, Treutlen County EMA Director, Sergeant Sid Love, watched updates on the brewing Hurricane.

Love says that anytime there is a hurricane, there is always potential for tornadoes. He urges people to be in a closed room with no windows.