Investigators are working to identify suspects after a fight broke out at a home behind Southwest High School in Macon.

An incident report says deputies were sent to a home in the 1700-block of Randall Road for a person stabbed call on Friday around 11 p.m.

The victim said she and another student exchanged words on Facebook and agreed to a fight earlier in the day off Canterbury Road – behind Southwest High School.

The victim said after she won the fight, several people came to her home on Randall Road and tried to get her outside to fight again by throwing a brick through the window.

The two girls began to fight again in the front yard and the victim's friend told the deputy one of the girls handed another girl a knife and she began swinging it at the victim.

She was cut twice on her left arm before the suspect dug her nails into the victim’s back and head causing more cuts.

The group then ran off and EMS treated the victim at the scene for the cuts.

She told deputies she thinks the situation is not over and will probably continue at a later time.

The case was sent to criminal investigators and they are working to identify the suspects.