A house is up for sale, but it's not just any house.

According the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, the Rossiter-Little House was constructed in 1797 by Dr. Timothy Rossiter and is the oldest house in Sparta.

The two-story house has a kitchen, eight main rooms and two bathrooms

The current owner, Bernice Staudinger, bought the home two years ago.

“I fell in love with it,” said Staudinger. “I felt welcomed, and warm and comforted and it just seemed perfect for me.”

Staudinger says she paid thousands of dollars to restore the home and has successfully renovated two rooms in the house.

“This house, along with a number of other homes, in Sparta are being held for the people of Georgia for a historical piece of property that represents their heritage and it will be held in the trust forever,” said Staudinger.

Inside of the house are Colonial and Empire style rooms and in each room, the wide plank ceilings are painted Haint blue.

“I like being in a place where so much has gone on before, so much history has happened here,” said Staudinger.

The Rossiter-Little House has approximately 3,000 sq. ft. and is on sale for $140,000.