Drivers beware, slow down if you are coming toward the Interstate 16 and Interstate 75 Interchange in Macon.

That is because some changes, including a drop in the speed limit, have been made there.

"In that particular area, the way it is right now, it's very confusing,” says Macon driver Bruce Davis of the interchange.

Now the interchange is about to get a little more intense. Signs at the interchange now show that the speed limit has dropped down to 55 and speeding fines there have increased to a minimum of $100.

"With the fine increasing, it kind of almost turns into a speed trap a little bit, and it could be tough for people driving through who aren't aware,” says another Macon driver Forreste Vaughn.

We spoke to some drivers at the Flash Foods on Forsyth Street about the changes. Some said it is also about keeping the construction workers safe.

"If there are people out there, then those are lives at risk, so it definitely makes sense, but you definitely need to announce that and let people know that that drop is going to be occurring, but I still think $100 is pretty steep,” says Vaughn.

Others think that the drop in speed limit could be a negative.

"As far as dropping the speed limit, I think sometimes that's a negative because a lot of times, some people are more alert when they're going at a decent speed, and I think 65 is a decent speed,” says Davis.

But most of the drivers believe that those changes at the Interstate 16 and Interstate 75 interchange should be enforced regularly.

"I think the more people see law enforcement in that area it's going to make people think, 'I need to do the right thing or I need to stay within the law,'” says Davis.

Many drivers say they are sure these changes are just a few of many others to come on the $500 million interchange expansion. The state expects to complete the seven-phase project by 2024.