Bibb County is working towards making one area of west Macon safer for children and people who live in the area.

They are conducting a speed study on Hollingsworth Road to determine if sidewalks are needed.

Takia Ellis lives off of the road and says something needs to be done because the road is extremely dangerous.

“My mind went blank. The only thing I could think of was [to] get him,” said Ellis.

A few seconds is all it took for her son to walk off the front lawn and into the middle of Hollingsworth Road.

“The car was speeding down the road, and his sister ran out and grabbed him before the car got to him,” said Ellis.

It’s a moment Ellis' daughter – Jerrion -- says she will never forget.

“It was flying and I said, ‘Jamere!’ and then I ran and I grabbed him,” said Jerrion.

Takia and Jerrion say they both try to make sure situations like that do not happen again, but they say cars are speeding around the corner by their house.

That is one of the reasons why commissioner Al Tillman says county engineers have put speed detectors along Hollingsworth Road.

“Taking the speed limit to ensure that cars slow down and taking a count and a read to possibly get sidewalks,” said Tillman.

He says this study is similar to ones the county did on roads like Nottingham Drive.

They use the data to determine how to keep people safe when walking.

With Filmore Thomas Park and several churches off of the road, Tillman says this is important and the Ellis family agrees.

“To keep our children safe, they should take some type of initiative,” said Ellis.

Tillman says they plan to have the detectors out for another two weeks before they begin looking at data.

If they find a need for sidewalks, he hopes the project could be funded by the SPLOST that starts in 2018.