Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the latest Star Wars film, officially comes out Friday, but Thursday night, some fans got a sneak peek.

Hundreds of people flocked to the Amstar Theater off Zebulon Road Thursday night, all for one thing.

"I'm pumped, I've been waiting two years for this," said a Star Wars fan.

Stormtroopers and Jedi galore were spotted, and several sold-out shows had the theater packed with fans by 6:00.

"We bought the tickets the day that they came out and they were sold out in like 30 minutes," said another fan.

Those lucky enough to score a ticket to Thursday night's early screening also had first dibs on Star Wars refreshments.

So what are Star Wars fans most excited for this time around?

"We're really hoping that Luke pulls out the green saber," said a fan. "I want to see the connection between Rey and Luke and all the family connection," said another fan.

One die-hard fan says he's just excited for another epic Star Wars adventure, commenting that he never watches the trailers because that would spoil the movie.

The movie also features an appearance by the late Carrie Fisher, who played the original Princess Leia and passed away last year.