Tropical Storm Irma blew through Central Georgia almost two weeks ago, and people are still working to clean up debris.

Piles of debris in the streets are a familiar sight for people in Houston County just because there is so much of it to pick up.

“Everything that you see right here in this pile…straight in and right down that run right here is emergency storm roadway cleanup,” said Craig Duke.

It’s estimated to be 260 tons of debris, and it’s only the beginning.

Houston County director of operations Robbie Dunbar says the county has broken the cleanup into three stages.

The first was getting roads clear enough for cars to pass.

Step two is clearing what's left of those trees out of the berms -- that’s what the county's working on now.

Picking up curbside debris in residential neighborhoods is the final stage, and it's expected to take at least another six to eight weeks.

So far, most people don’t mind the wait.

“This has been just minimal and absolutely not a problem, in my opinion, to wait for that to be picked up. I think that's certainly fair,” said Kadie Griger.

It might take some time, but things are slowly returning to normal.

Dunbar says the county is thankful for everyone's patience as cleanup crews continue their work.