Tropical Storm Irma caused several roofs to blow off of buildings in Crisp County. One of those was the roof of a house.

“It was crunching. It was like the roof just folded over,” says Nancy White.

White says fear filled her as she realized Tropical Storm Irma was on top of her.

“We just heard it, woke us up. We could hear the roof peeling off the house,” says White.

She says they were able to put a tarp on the roof, but she says water is still leaking into her house.

“We were fine. It was scary there for a while though and finally we just decided let’s just go downstairs and sit,” says White.

Just down the road from White, is where the Lombardo family evacuated.

“We thought we were getting away from it,” says Cara Lombardo. She and her family left Florida only to find themselves in the storm.

“Yesterday, looking out at the beautiful lake calm and quiet. Today, white caps, waves,” says Lombardo.

But she says she is thankful to have that over some of the damage Florida had.

A feeling Vic Lombardo says he knows as a police Chaplin in Florida.

“We’re going from the frying pan to the fire. We drove like 500 miles to get into another part of the storm, but you know what God is great. We’re alive,” says Vic.