Strong storms blew through Fort Valley Monday night, causing quite a bit of damage to a local farmer's barn.

The barn is located on Holland Road, and debris from the structure can be found yards away from the foundation.

The scene looks like something out of a movie. The scene became reality for farm manager Nic Bekkers after a phone call.

"I just got a call and said the barn was in the middle of the peach trees, and the neighbor came from across the field and said he saw the tornado come through and, I guess, pick up the roof and spin it a couple times," Bekkers said.

The National Weather Service has NOT reported a tornado in Peach County Monday, so what could have caused all this commotion?

Meteorologist Matt Daniel, has his thoughts.

"We went down towards Holland Road and you can sort of see where the orange color is indicating the stronger part of the storm, and then you can see in the next frame, you see a lot of red, so this storm is actually intensifying as it was moving through this particular area. So most likely it was some straight-line winds that produced some of the damage that we saw right along Holland Road, but the actual wind specter, wind speeds that we would see, the spin, just wasn't there," Daniel said.

Regardless of the cause, Bekkers says he's glad the barn is all that took a hit.

"I was just hoping nobody got hurt. I got the phone call at like 7:30, and said, 'Your barn is in the street and in the peach field.' I wasn't expecting this, but whatever we found, nobody was here and one of our guys was pretty far away, and I was just pretty happy about that," Bekkers said.

Bekkers now hopes he can get his barn back to normal as quickly as possible.