It was a big day for students and parents as they moved in Thursday ahead of the start of classes next week.

Cars lined up starting at 7 a.m. Thursday for Move-In Day at Georgia College. About 1,200 students and their parents moved boxes from their cars into the dorms, but they had a little help thanks to the 500 volunteers with the school's Cat Crew. After about 15 years volunteering for Move-In Day, Steve Barsby says they are a well-oiled machine.

"Back up against the curb, enjoy the morning. We're going to move everything for you. Park your car somewhere else so the next people can have the same experience,” instructs Barsby the Assistant Athletic Director.

Some parents say the moving help is much needed. Others have been preparing for the big college move for weeks now.

"Well, we've been making a lot of runs to Target and Walmart,” says parent Kim Stinson.

But she says no matter how much you prepare, it is hard to let your youngest daughter go.

"She's my daughter, my oldest is a boy and she's my youngest. Now my husband and I are empty nesters and have to figure out what to do with our time, but it's going to be a good phase,” says Stinson.

A phase that many students seem to be looking forward to.

"I'm just interested in seeing where things take me I guess what kind of friends I get, what kind of things I can get into because it's all going to be a new experience for me,” says Freshman Curtis Barnes.

An experience that starts on move-in day. Altogether about 2,100 students will move into the dorms at Georgia College this academic year. Move-in Thursday ended at 10 a.m.