Deputies are usually patrolling the streets keeping us safe, but Monday night, some Bibb deputies were patrolling the school supply aisle helping kids in need.

Heading back to school can be pricey -- paper, binders, folders and more can add up quickly, plus, the cost of new clothes, too. That’s where the Macon chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police came in to help more than 70 students.

“We come down here and make sure they're going to have plenty of school supplies and have clothes to go back to school,” Macon Chapter President of the Fraternal Order of police Danny Thigpin said.

They've been sponsoring the back to school 'Shop with a Cop' for more than 20 years.

“I hope they're able to use the utensils that they got, and the clothing they got, to better concentrate on school and make good grades and have a good school year,” Lt. Chris Dunn said.

He is just one of the Bibb deputies who help kids and parents tackle their supply lists. Each student was given $60 to buy anything they needed for school.

For soon to be 3rd grader Ahzayelyn Anderson, he spent his share on clothes.

“A shirt, a Minion shirt and drawers,” Ahzayelyn said.

He’s been Shopping with a Cop for the past three years. His mother, Tyreese Anderson, says it shows her sons the other side of law enforcement.

“It’s a good experience to get stuff to go back to school to help out with the kids, and a good experience to meet the cops and be able to shop with the cops every year,” Anderson said.

Thigpin says that’s what it’s all about -- showing the kids they truly care about them.

“I hope that they remember we are their friend and we will help them any way we can,” Thigpin said.