The campus carry bill is back at Governor Nathan Deal’s desk for a second time after Georgia lawmakers passed it Friday.

This time around the bill has some exceptions about where licensed carriers can have their guns on public campuses.

Kasandra Ortiz spoke to students at Middle Georgia State University about the new legislation.

"I don't think students should be able to bring their guns to school just because all the school shootings that have happened around the United States,” said Nycoles Clements, “you never know how people think and how people will react to certain situations."

But it’s still a controversial bill that's has the opinions of college students split.

Courtney Adams, a psychology major, says licensed gun holders wanting to bring weapons to campus should have more training.

"So that you know who can carry and who can't carry, you should probably make a lanyard where you have to carry your permit in it, or have something special on your ID card,” said Adams. “You should probably have to take an extra class to be sure that you can handle yourself in a high strung situation."

House Bill 280 excludes those weapons from student housing locations. That includes dorms, fraternity and sorority houses, sporting event locations, campus daycares or even places where disciplinary meetings are held.

"Honestly it all depends on the type of person. There are some people in my class that I would not feel comfortable at all if they had guns in their possession. But there are some people that I wouldn't mind if they did have guns,” said Autumn Murray.

Regardless of public opinion, the power is now in Gov. Deal’s pen as the decision is his to make.

He has until May 9 to sign the legislation. Middle Georgia State University says they think the new exemptions improve the bill and they are reviewing how they will use the legislation on their campuses.