If you plan to visit any state parks this summer, you may need more than just sunscreen and bug repellent to protect you.

You’ll also want to be aware of safety rules.

After the recent death of a Savannah woman at High Falls State Park, we wanted to learn how to avoid possible dangers.

Park manager Josh Purdy says the more than 1,000 acres of land leaves room for dangers, like slippery rocks lurking near the water.

“They need to be aware of their surroundings; that is crucial, said Purdy. “Just because a rock looks safe to walk on, very often it’s got algae on it and it's slippery.”

The rocks with algae on them usually have a green tint and glimmer.

“Just to be safe before you step on it, it's good to touch it and see if it's slimy and see if it's something that you can easily slip on,” said Purdy.

Having on the proper footwear can also save you from slipping.

“Shoes with a lot of grip, scrubs or anything better than that. Make sure that they are very grippy shoes, not just the typical tennis shoes” said Purdy.

The nature trails are filled with signs.

“This is one if our signs right at the trail entrance which kind of gives our visitors a heads up right from the start, which are serious injuries and fatalities that could occur,” said Purdy.

He says the signs aren't there to stop your fun, but to remind you that one slip can cost you your life.

“People do not understand how strong a current can be as well and people can drown in as little as four inches [of water],” said Purdy.