At the bottom of Hog Crawl Creek in Macon County, crews searched for the gun they believe was used during a shooting last month at a graduation party.

“A fight broke out, someone started shooting, and then we end up having two other people start shooting. Like I said, we arrested everybody in the case,” Montezuma Police Chief Eric Finch said.

He says two people were hurt, but their injuries were not life-threatening. According to Finch, they arrested Antrenard Ellison Monday in connection to the shooting. He says it's the fourth arrest they've made in the case.

“When we arrested him, he pretty much told us that the gun that he allegedly shot the guys with he threw it in this creek,” Finch said.

That’s when Finch called in for backup -- the Macon County Sheriff’s office and the Sumter County Fire and Rescue Dive Team.

“You got to have cooperation between everybody,” Finch said. “One agency can’t do it all themselves. You got to have the resources to do the things that need to be done. We're a small community and basically with being a small community, we got to pull our resources to make it work.”

Just about an hour and half after the search began, divers came up with a handgun.

“We found what we were looking for,” Finch said. “We found the gun that he says he threw in there. A lot of people doubted us that we would find it, but I got to give Sumter County Fire and Rescue all the credit. They've got an excellent dive team and they found that gun in this big creek.”