On Thursday morning, the Robins Regional Chamber Eggs & Issues breakfast discussed the proposed 2018 SPLOST.

Supporters of the proposed natatorium, or swim complex, say not only would it bring in money for the county, it also would help the high schools in the area and senior citizens.

Houston County and city leaders used this morning's breakfast to show support for the upcoming 2018 SPLOST vote.

After law enforcement agencies, state court, and county representatives gave their reasons to support the SPLOST it was the swim coach's turn.

Warner Robins Aquanauts swim coach Wesley Hamborg says the county's current pools are in rough waters.

“When the high schools are having their county championship meet and they're having to drive an hour for a swim meet, or more. And, so, they don't get the rest of the school getting to come and support them and cheer them on and try to get the team camaderie going on,” Hamborg said.

That's because the city of Warner Robins and Houston County do not have a regulation sized pool. So, they cannot host school or community swim meets.

Supporters of the new complex say it'll bring in more tourism dollars and foster more support for the local teams.

For Beverly Soles, the county's aging facilities need an upgrade.

“If you look around we've got a cover that's kind of mildewy, if you look at the pool edges and stuff you've got a lot of concrete damage along the edges,” Soles said at Fountain Park pool.

Fountain Park pool

Supporters say the new indoor complex would benefit swimmers of all ages, from being able to have yearlong swimming lessons to senior aerobics classes.

According to numbers from the county outlining the costs of the various projects included in the 2018 SPLOST, out of $145 million expected to be brought in, only $7 million would go to a new natatorium.

Money from the proposed SPLOST would also go to public safety, road improvements, and other county projects.Transportation would get the biggest chunk, roughly $38 million. Public safety would be allocated nearly $30 million.

The Houston County SPLOST vote is on March 21st.