A few weeks ago, we told you about a company that Bibb County Commissioner Virgil Watkins hired to create a new digital map of part of the county.

It will show what areas of Bibb are heavily blighted and need repair, or can be redeveloped.

To create the map, Loveland Technologies has about 20 surveyors out in the county taking photos of homes and businesses with tablets, or their cell phones across 30,000 properties.

Some people in Macon raised concerns because they say surveyors are not in county cars or uniforms and say that they looked suspicious taking photos in the streets.

However, Meredith McGraw with Loveland Technologies says every surveyor carries a card with the company logo, county logo, and an explanation about what they are doing.

She says they are not collecting data on personal property or personal information.

"They collect data on their tablets from the street or from the sidewalk, which is public property and they do not go onto private property," says McGraw.

McGraw says they expect the surveying to be complete by the end of this week.

She says the new map will help with urban planning across Bibb County.