You might have noticed a quirky food trend happening on Cherry Street in downtown Macon.

Two Thai restaurants sit almost on top of one another.

Ladda Bistro and Sang's sit on the same city block and both opened up within the last six months.

Lamerian Little says she's eaten Thai overseas.

"I wouldn't want to have that much competition across the street from me in a city as large as Macon," she said.

If you use the crosswalk, it's about 90 steps between one spot and the next.

And, sure, the food comes from the same country, but there are subtle differences between each space.

Ladda bills itself as more traditional Thai; in fact, the whole family works the business.

Sang's might bring more heat to your taste buds.

Sang Chanram works the grill for many orders.

"Isaan is from my region I'm from Northeastern Thailand, so our food is very spicy," she explained while cooking.

Sheridan Norgard and his buds feel there's enough of a Central Georgia appetite bring success to both shops.

"I think if there's competition, it only enhances both restaurants," he said. "You see jewelry stores right next to each other."

Good point, but regardless of your tastes, we get the sense that both restaurant owners are comfortable in their own skin.

Jiin Sarrtsud helps her family run Ladda.

"It's always nice to have options," she said.