The Georgia Department of Public Health is urging you to protect yourself and prevent the spread of the flu by getting the vaccine.

Friday, the department confirmed with a news release that there have been four flu related deaths already in Georgia this season, and that number is expected to rise.

Cleo Bennette is a Pharmacist at Chichesters Pharmacy. She says there’s one drug that can help combat the flu. To get it, you have to see your doctor.

“You go to your physician and let him know how you feel, then he'll write you a prescription,” Bennette said.

Doctors go to the treatment Tamiflu or a generic of the drug.

“As soon as you have your flu-like symptoms, you should take it in 48 hours of the onset of these symptoms, or otherwise it won’t really help,” Bennette said.

She says if you’re looking for a quick fix from the pain and sniffles, there is no magic pill to make it happen, not even Tamiflu.

“It just helps eliminate some of the symptoms and it shortens the period of having the flu,” Bennette said. “It will not happen overnight, it does take time.”

She says with so many people getting the flu right now, getting your hands on it might be tough. We called around and found it available at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart on Gray Highway, Kroger on North Avenue, and Chichesters on Baconsfield Road. Graves Pharmacy at the Medical Center was out, but expects to have more available next week.

Chichesters said the generic for Tamiflu can run between $10-$50 depending on your insurance.