A grand jury is set to meet in Irwin County next Wednesday to decide if Ryan Duke will be indicted for the murder of Tara Grinstead.

FULL COVERAGE: Tara Grinstead Case

That's according to Grinstead's sister, Anita Grinstead-Gattis.

Duke was charged with Grinstead's murder in February.

Grand juries determine if there is enough evidence to indict a criminal suspect. That's based simply on whether they think the suspect probably committed a crime.

At trial, a different jury would decide whether Duke is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

If the grand jury indicts Duke, he would have to enter a "guilty" or "not guilty" plea before the case can go forward. Also, grand jury proceedings are secret and held behind closed doors, unlike the trial.

Another man, named Bo Dukes, was also charged in March with helping conceal Grinstead's body and tampering with evidence, but that was in neighboring Ben Hill County.

We know that both Duke and Dukes were students at Ocilla High School where Grinstead taught before she went missing.

We have not heard when a grand jury will meet to determine if Bo Dukes' case will go to trial.

WMAZ spoke to Grinstead's sister, Anita, Wednesday night who says she hopes the grand jury will decide to indict Ryan Duke.

On Thursday, WMAZ called Irwin County District Attorney, Paul Bowden, to ask if he would provide any further comment on the case or the grand jury, but he did not return our call.