The US Attorney's office in Savannah told WMAZ Monday morning that this is not Bo Dukes' first trouble with the law.

Four years ago, Dukes and his wife pleaded guilty to stealing more than $150,000 from the US Army.

According to the US Attorney, he was an Army unit-supply specialist when it happened.

He ordered TVs, cameras, power tools, and other items, and then billed it to the Army.

Prosecutors said Dukes shipped that equipment to his home where he and his wife pawned it.

In 2013, Dukes was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison, three years’ supervised release and was ordered to repay more than $134,000 to the federal government.

All of that happened about seven years after Dukes allegedly helped Ryan Duke conceal and destroy the body of Tara Grinstead.

She's the Ocilla school teacher who went missing in 2005. Last month, Ryan Duke was charged with killing her.

Bo Dukes, his high school classmate, is not charged with murder, but is accused of helping him.

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2001 Irwin County High School yearbook photos of Ryan Duke and Bo Dukes, side-by-side.